Chasing the Golden Unicorn:

A Critique of Objectivist Educational Research The following is an edited version of a paper submitted as coursework for the Educational Psychology program at the University of New Mexico in May 2012. There’s an old joke. Two elderly women are at a Catskill mountain resort. And one of them says, “Boy the food at this … Read more

New and Old Takes on Education

I happened upon a couple of readings this weekend that I found worthy of consideration. The first (2011) is from the NY Times, “Online Learning, Personalized” that profiles the YouTube teaching sensation, Salman Khan. The second (1957) is from a book we discussed recently in a critical discourse Meetup group here in Santa Fe. I … Read more

Rolling Stones of Broken Beliefs

( Originally posted to my “From Here to Discernity” blog at, November 21, 2011) I live within walking distance of DeVargas Center on the north side of town. Two or three times a week I’ll walk by the mall, or to the mall, depending on my needs or curiosities. Yesterday my curiosities led me … Read more

Learning is for Noobs

(Originally posted to my “From Here to Discernity” blog at, September 12, 2011) I first heard the term “Internet” at a Halloween party in 1993. An attractive friend of a co-worker, cutely disguised as the Cat in the Hat, mentioned that she was writing her Masters thesis in Computer Science about “how to access … Read more

Adherence to Appearance

(Originally posted to my “From Here to Discernity” blog at, September 12, 2011) Two decades ago, I took a “self-improvement” seminar in Dallas. The seminar leader, an out-of-towner, commented in the beginning that, “I’ve heard Dallas is all about looking good.” I recalled that observation last week while I was reading about the year-long … Read more

Annie’s Memoirs

Chapter 1, The Cerro Grande Fire I had planned to celebrate my 75th birthday with seven of my friends and neighbors on May 11, 2000. We went to the new Chili’s restaurant in Carlsbad. While we waited for our table, we stood outside the bar area. I could see that the 6 o’clock news from … Read more

What a Marriage a Difference Makes

(Posted to my “From Here to Discernity” blog at, September 1, 2011) I met Marisa when she enrolled in my general semantics class at TCU (Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX) in January 2007. After she graduated that spring, she worked for me at a nonprofit organization I managed. She became friends with … Read more

Santa Fe New Mexican Special Insert

At the conclusion of a summer strike in 2011, the New Mexico nurses union (District 1199NM, National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees) paid for an 8-page insert to the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper. The full 8-page insert is here as a pdf. I was mentioned on Page 3 of the insert.