Indian Market: Why this and not that?

Originally posted at my “From Here to Discernity” blog at (8.22.11) Yesterday I sauntered down to town to stroll through my third Indian Market. I’m a looker, not a buyer or collector, so my eye is less critical and less easily captured. If pressed to honesty, I’d have to admit I’m there for the …

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The Local Community Hospital Game

This laments the loss of Santa Fe’s only hospital, St. Vincent Hospital, to the CHRISTUS chain of corporate hospitals. (2:32)

The Cross that Came Before

This was originally posted on my “From Here to Discernity” blog at (submitted July 23, 2011). I’m not proud to admit that I live on the computer. Every day, I create, modify, copy, move, and otherwise manipulate dozens, if not hundreds, of many different types of computer files. It’s a storage, backup, and configuration management …

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The Only Game in Town

This video illustrates how CHRISTUS St. Vincent has become “the only game in town” when it comes to health care in Santa Fe. (4:04)

The Hard Rain Project

I stumbled upon this traveling display in Santa Fe in May 2010. Powerful images to the lyrics of Bob Dylan. (7:14) See the Hard Rain Project for more. As of 14 Nov 2020, this video is temporarily unavailable due to webhost migration. Please check back soon.