USAF Academy Catalog 1972-1973

The 1972-1973 Catalog is available as six text-searchable PDF files.USAF Academy Catalog 1972-73


Part 1

Officers of Administration
Superintendent’s Letter
Calendar 1972-1973
The Academy Mission
Summary of the Core Curriculum

Open/Download Part 1 (42mb)

Part 2

The Academy Curriculum
Cadet Academic Program
Academic Instruction
Seiler Research Laboratory
Air Force Academy Library
Cadet Leadership and Military Training Program
Leadership and Military Instruction
The Cadet Honor Code
Cadet Life
Photo Collage life as a cadet
Open/Download Part 2 (58mb)

Part 3

Cadet Athletic Program
Physical Education Instruction
Intercollegiate Athletics
Career Information
Officer Career Areas
Authorized Cadet Strength
Cadet Admissions

Open/Download Part 3 (60mb)

Part 4

Candidate Preparation
The Academy Preparatory School
Guide to Appendix
Liaison Officer Coordinators
Physical Aptitude Examination Items
Medical History
Medical Qualifications
Application Formats USAFA rank insignia

Open/Download Part 4 (35mb)

Part 5

Summary of Course Offerings
Academic Majors and Graduate Programs

Open/Download Part 5 (118mb)

Part 6

Personnel Directory
Prospective Candidate Information Cards
Cadet Uniform Insignia
Catalog Index
Academy Map

Open/Download Part 6 (71mb)

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