’76 Trivia and Factoids from the Brides Calendar

Scattered throughout the Calendar for ’76 Brides are some interesting bits of trivia (though certainly not trivial) and factoids about or experienced by the Spirit of ’76. Here are some of them, perhaps even a few you may remember. Quoting from the calendar: On July 27, 1972, BCT for the Spirit of ’76 was interrupted … Read more

’76 Brides Calendar

I found this in 2020, but I have no recollection of getting it. I didn’t have a June Week wedding. There’s a personal inscription on the back inside cover to “Pat,” apparently as a thank-you by one of the officers’ wives who put the thing together. So how did I get it? Well, as of … Read more

25 Jul 1975 Superintendent Letter to Parents

General Allen, successor to General Clark, sent the annual status report to parents in July 1975. He may have written other letters to parents, but this is the only one I have. I’m not going to editorialize about anything in this letter, but two statements almost prompted me to: “The First Class year is a … Read more

Folksongs of the American Fighter Pilot in SE Asia

This is an interesting find. I believe this was provided as part of a Creative Writing Workshop (a regular course) offered by the English Department/Fine Arts in the spring of 1975. I know that it included at least one off-campus get-together with civilians (i.e., girls) and I believe there were some on-campus colloquiums with guests. … Read more

Christmas Card from Coach Ben Martin

I believe this was sent in 1973 since there was a different card sent in 1974 from the Air Force Athletic Foundation. I’m assuming this was sent to the football players’ families.

Letter to Parents re: Income Tax Implications

Letter to parents regarding the taxable implications of having their son among “America’s Finest.” Note: The IRS had previously determined that an Academy appointment did not constitute a “scholarship.” This seems at odds with the often-heard valuation that the Academy offered a “$100,000 education shoved up your ass a nickel at a time”