Box 5 Personal Collection

Assorted Cadets

Contributed by Steve Stockdale, CS-39. From the Olton Enterprise weekly newspaper in October 1975, a letter from my late mother, Jo Stockdale. All the cadets listed in the article had taken a long weekend to drive to Texas to attend the Texas Tech – Texas A&M football game. And most of them were fixed up …

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Box 5 Personal Collection

The Abel Family

How many of us were privileged to know the Abel family in C-Springs? How many weekend afternoons were spent lounging around their house? I can remember during BCT summer we would get a lot of advice from upperclassmen and officers about how to get through the next four years. One of the frequent suggestions for …

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Box 5 Personal Collection

A Recruiting Letter

Donated by Steve Stockdale, CS-39 As a lightly-recruited high school quarterback, I received the attention of a few college recruiters, including from the Academy and Canoe U. A one-two recruiting punch proved very effective … first the personal handwritten letter, then the marketing propaganda. Then the information/propaganda. Note the Air Force “Privileges” below obviously referenced …

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