AFA at West Point 1974

Cover, 1972 Bugle NotesDuring my 2nd Class year I was very fortunate to get one of the coveted slots to make the trip to West Point for the 1974 Falcons vs. Army football game. Unfortunately, we didn’t win the game but I remember it as a fun trip and came away very impressed by the historic site. Somehow, for some reason, my cadet host gave me his copy of Bugle Notes (West Point’s version of our Contrails). The name stamped inside the cover is Brower, and I believe his first name was John, Class of ’76.

Note the similarity in the design layout of the dorm spaces. Clearly, the younger brother was emulating the elder – take a look at AFA vs. West Point, Dorm Edition below the slideshow.

Compare USMA at West Point, NY …. vs …. AFA at Colorado Springs, CO




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