USAF Aerobics Physical Fitness Program

Air Force Pamphlet AFP 50-56
Physical Fitness Program

There are two excerpts from this unforgettable, points-counting, pamphlet – each a separate slideshow. The first includes the Contents and first 17 pages. The second contains pages 18-19, “Aerobics Program Charts,” then the applicable program exercise regimens for “Ages 50 and Over.” Because, face it – we’re well north of that “and over” threshold.

Cover of USAF Aerobics Pamphlet

Aside: Looking back at this, I’m reminded of how much physical prowess was a part of the Academy experience. I’d guess that most of us, to some extent, took some pride in our abilities to perform physically and athletically. Intercollegiate and Intramurals, of course, but also all the PT during BCT and then PE during academics, the Obstacle and Assault Courses, the annual (?) physical fitness tests, all instilled a certain ethic for staying fit and taking pride in that fitness. And I won’t even mention the winter of 73-74 and streaking. 

Contents through page 17

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Aerobics Program Charts (Ages 50 and over)

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