Assorted Cadets

Contributed by Steve Stockdale, CS-39. From the Olton Enterprise weekly newspaper in October 1975, a letter from my late mother, Jo Stockdale. All the cadets listed in the article had taken a long weekend to drive to Texas to attend the Texas Tech – Texas A&M football game. And most of them were fixed up … Read more

AFA at West Point 1974

During my 2nd Class year I was very fortunate to get one of the coveted slots to make the trip to West Point for the 1974 Falcons vs. Army football game. Unfortunately, we didn’t win the game but I remember it as a fun trip and came away very impressed by the historic site. Somehow, … Read more

The Abel Family

How many of us were privileged to know the Abel family in C-Springs? How many weekend afternoons were spent lounging around their house? I can remember during BCT summer we would get a lot of advice from upperclassmen and officers about how to get through the next four years. One of the frequent suggestions for … Read more

A Recruiting Letter

Donated by Steve Stockdale, CS-39 As a lightly-recruited high school quarterback, I received the attention of a few college recruiters, including from the Academy and Canoe U. A one-two recruiting punch proved very effective … first the personal handwritten letter, then the marketing propaganda. Then the information/propaganda. Note the Air Force “Privileges” below obviously referenced … Read more