Webb AFB UPT Graduation

For some reason, a contingent of CS-39 Campus Radicals trekked (or trucked?) down to Webb AFB, TX, (near Big Spring – singular, not plural) to attend a dining-in and graduation ceremony for their spring 1976 UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training) class. I can’t remember if they were our squadron sponsor or what the affiliation was, but … Read more

USAF Aerobics Physical Fitness Program

Air Force Pamphlet AFP 50-56 Training USAF AEROBICS Physical Fitness Program (Male) There are two excerpts from this unforgettable, points-counting, pamphlet – each a separate slideshow. The first includes the Contents and first 17 pages. The second contains pages 18-19, “Aerobics Program Charts,” then the applicable program exercise regimens for “Ages 50 and Over.” Because, … Read more

Operation 3rd Lieutenant at Edwards AFB

Without a doubt, the luckiest thing that happened to me while a cadet was getting to spend three weeks in the summer of ’74 at Edwards AFB, CA, where my “job” every work day was to put on my flight suit, grab my helmet bag, go to Base Ops, and look to see what flights … Read more