’76 Ring Dining In

Ticket and Program with featured speaker Brigadier General Charles E. Yeager (USAF Retired). The text for the ring description, introduction of Gen. Yeager, program of events, and menu is printed below.   1976 CLASS RING The highest point in the design of the 1976 Class Ring is occupied by Polaris. the guiding stgar over which …

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Box 2 Cadet Wing

72-73 CONTRAILS Part 3

Part 3 contains the rest of the CONTRAILS for 1972-73, focusing on the Academy itself. History The Falcon Academics Military Training Honor Code Fourth Class System Physical Education Professional Ethics Cadet Activities Social Life Unit Awards Service Academies Fourth Class Knowledge Abbreviations Academic Calendar Personal Notes

Box 2 Cadet Wing

72-73 CONTRAILS Part 1

Part 1 the “Basic Cadet Bible” contains these sections: The Military Profession United States Military Decorations High Flight Air Force Heritage World War I Interwar Period World War II Post-World War II Korea to the Present The Air Force Air Force Days Pilot Training Navigator Training Helicopter Training Major Commands