Box 2 Cadet Wing

1976 Polaris Yearbook

You can view and download all of the USAFA Polaris yearbooks at Outline of 1976 Polaris Yearbook (relevant items, not including faculty, staff, etc.) MILITARY Basic Cadet Training S.E.R.E 3rd Lieutenant Navigation AM-370 T-41 Soaring Parachuting Underwater Demolition Training Parasailing Drills and Parades Cadet Honor Guard The Wing Commander USAFA Prepares for Women Graduates …

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Box 2 Cadet Wing

Letter of Appreciation re: ATOs

While this was rather perfunctory, and I didn’t do all that much, it’s still a nice reminder that I did play a small role in an event of some historical consequence. Note: Unless you knew who the “Air Training Officers (ATOs)” were, you wouldn’t be able to discern their significance from the letter. There’s no …

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Box 2 Cadet Wing

Jeff Short Memorial Service

Jeff Short died tragically on March 20, 1976, just 74 days before he would’ve graduated with the Spirit of ’76. I can’t find the supporting evidence, but I recall he died in a car accident coming back to the Academy from Spring Break. Jeff and I roomed together during SERE in either 1974 or 1975, …

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Box 2 Cadet Wing

Two Certificates of Merit

As a Firstie I received two Certificates of Merit, one as a Squadron Commander and another as Outstanding Flight Commander for Fourth Group, Fall Make List (i.e., 1st go-round). Outstanding Flight Commander Squadron Commander