Recruiting Posters

I received this set of posters from my football recruiter, Captain Neal Starkey (see here for more about him). For about 40 years I kept them in the mailing tube, hardly ever taking them out to look at them. I’ve cropped a 2-3″ white surrounding border from the actual posters which included a caption and photo credits, which for the most part say Air Force Academy Photos with a 3-digit identifier such as 82L. There’s also a standard identification as U.S. Government Printing Office 1969-346-270/3. The full posters are about 22″ x 17″.

For display purposes, I’ve tried to size these to best fit desktop viewing. There are five portrait-oriented posters which I’ve grouped at the end of the landscape images. You’ll see that these five portrait images won’t fit without scrolling up/down, which is a limitation of the slideshow plugin I’m using. The tradeoff was a smaller image with less resolution.

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