Program Evaluation Proposal

A Proposal to Evaluate the Graduate Student Writing Studio DISCLAIMER: This proposal is hypothetical. No such evaluation has been requested. There are no plans to conduct such an evaluation, nor is the funding for the Graduate Student Writing Studio under review. Dr. Palm was interviewed for this proposal with the understanding that it was for … Read more

Muraling Myths

Muraling Myths: A Qualitative Research Prospectus Fall 2010, based on this essay written during the previous term Historical significance is not a property of the event itself. It is something that others ascribe to that event, development, or situation. (Counsell, 2004, p. 30) Abstract In this study prospectus, I pose the question, “What do University … Read more

Ed Psych Program Application Letter

The following is an excerpt from my application letter of intent that broadly summarizes my academic interests in the field of Educational Psychology. My decision to pursue the M.A. in Educational Psychology is the result of a 40-year gestation period. A few significant milestones along the way: In high school I began thinking about individuality … Read more