Box 1 Official USAFA

USAF Academy Catalog 1972-1973

The 1972-1973 Catalog is available as six text-searchable PDF files. CONTENTS Part 1 Officers of Administration Superintendent’s Letter Calendar 1972-1973 History Facilities The Academy Mission Summary of the Core Curriculum Open/Download Part 1 (42mb) Part 2 The Academy Curriculum Cadet Academic Program Academic Instruction Seiler Research Laboratory Air Force Academy Library Cadet Leadership and Military …

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Box 1 Official USAFA

Recruiting Posters

I received this set of posters from my football recruiter, Captain Neal Starkey (see here for more about him). For about 40 years I kept them in the mailing tube, hardly ever taking them out to look at them. I’ve cropped a 2-3″ white surrounding border from the actual posters which included a caption and …

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