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Articles Published in ETC: A Review of General Semantics

ETC Cover

General Semantics in India: An Overview (2008, Vol 65 No 1, pdf)
The Bridge at Neverwas (2008, Vol 65 No 1, pdf)
Heinlein and Ellis: Converging Competencies, and What We Could Become (2007, Vol 64 No 4, pdf)
A Fence Sieve Language (2007, Vol 64 No 3, pdf)
Yearning to Know (2006, Vol 63 No 4, pdf)
“Response Side Semantics” (2006, Vol 63 No 1, pdf)
Calling Out the Symbol Rulers (2005, Vol 62-1, pdf)
Introduction to the Special Issue: General Semantics Across the Curriculum (2004, Vol 61 No 4, pdf)
IGS News Clippings (2004, Vol 61 No 2, pdf)
Eating Menus in 2004 (2004, Vol 61 No 1, pdf)
An Organizational Update (2003, Vol 60 No 4, pdf)
The Institute and the Society: A Self-Reflexive Assessment of Two Organizations, One Discipline (2003, Vol 60 No 3, pdf)
Snooping Around the Time-Binding Attic, Part 3 (2003, Vol 60 No 2, pdf)
Language Matters (2002, Vol 59 No 3, pdf)
Snooping Around the Time-Binding Attic, Part 2 (2002, Vol 59 No 3, pdf)
Snooping Around the Time-Binding Attic (2002, Vol 59 No 1, pdf)
General Semantics on the Internet (2000, Vol 57 No 1, pdf)
The 46th Annual Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture (Ellen Langer) (1999, Vol 56 No 4), pdf)
The IGS Seminar-Workshop at Hofstra University (1995, Vol 52 No 1, pdf)

Newspaper Columns from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Supremely Bad Words (Nov 10, 2008) Every three decades or so, there’s a federal case over broadcasting bad language. The most recent was on Election Day before the Supreme Court.
Semantic pollution fouling the airwaves (Aug 9, 2008)
Chesapeake Energy’s impressive and expensive PR campaign has folks asking questions. Lots of questions.
But what if … ? (May 10, 2008)
The local community had an opportunity to go beyond talking about talking about race. Instead, we passed to avoid the front page, content to be merely a footnote.
The Texas Spring Palace and the fall of a brave man (Feb 2, 2008)
An obscure monument south of downtown Fort Worth recalls a progenitor of the Stock Show and the tragedy that occurred there. [pdf]
Friendship: football, band, church and a major question (Nov 12, 2005)You never know what will come after the question,
“Do you want to hear my story?”
A long, winding stream (Aug 27, 2005)
Don’t like feeling like a fish flopping on an August sidewalk? Don’t give up hope.
The code of our country (May 28, 2005)
In 21st-century America, honor is an option — not necessary, not sufficient, desirable only if it doesn’t jeopardize the bottom line.
A word by any other name (Feb 26, 2005)
Changing words doesn’t change what they refer to — but it may change attitudes.

Articles Published in the General Semantics Bulletin

General Semantics Bulletin

Inside the Institute: 2006 (GSB 73, 2006, pdf)
General Semantics at TCU (GSB 73, 2006, pdf)
Interview with Steve Stockdale (Dallas Morning News) (GSB 73, 2006, pdf)
Inside the Institute: 2005 (GSB 72, 2005, pdf)
General Semantics at TCU (GSB 72, 2005, pdf)
The Road to Read House (GSB 72, 2005, pdf)
News from the Institute, September 2003 — August 2004 (GSB 71, 2004, pdf)
Comments on the Twelfth International Conference on General Semantics (GSB 71, 2004, pdf)
Comments at Celebration of Life for Charlotte Read (GSB 69-70, 2003, pdf)

Articles Published About …


Town Hall antics seem to be propaganda, by George Schwarz or archived copy Amarillo Independent, August 12, 2009
A Report from the Twelfth National Workshop on Cognitive Language Skills for the 21st Century,
Centre for Contemporary Theory, Vadodara, Gujarat, India. November 3-5, 2007
Think Before You Speak
DNA (Daily News & Analysis), November 20, 2007, Mumbai Edition
National Workshop on General Semantics
DIVYA BHASKAR DAILY, November 6, 2007, Gujarat, India
The head of the semantics institute takes little at face value Dallas Morning News, Nov 5, 2006 (or full image)
excerpts from Capitalizing on Career Chaos
by Helen Harkness, Ph.D.
Avoiding dating disasters, Dallas Morning News, Dec 29, 2003 (or pdf)
Brimming with knowledge, Dallas Business Journal, Jul 18, 2003 (or pdf)
It’s a study of our lives, in so many words, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Aug 13, 2002