2012 Year-End Review

Half-a-Life in 2012 For the fourth time in the last 30 years, I put all my (dwindling) household goods into storage not knowing when, where, or in what state (of mind and residence) I’d be removing them. The short straw in 2012 went to Grants, New Mexico, where since August I’ve been gainfully employed (for … Read more

2009 Year-end Review

January 1, 2010 And then suddenly … 16 years have passed. I started these year-end reviews in 1994. Since 2001, I’ve adopted metaphors that seemed relevant to commemorate the preceding year, such as: “Crossing Rivers” (2001); “From Turning to Turned” (2002 and 2003); “Balance Sheet” (2004); “Living Patiently Frustrated” (2005 … okay, that was literal, … Read more