2014 Year-End Review

Another year, another job, moving on, and beginning to begin again. Preface I graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1976. Two year later I applied for a faculty position there in the English department. I was accepted into a program whereby the Air Force would send me to school for my Master’s degree in …

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2013 Year-End Review

Jim and Jim

… and the first quadrimester of 2014. And now you know that a quadrimester is a 4-month period of time: “rare in the U.S., this unit is widely used elsewhere to describe an academic term of 4 months duration.” I have some excuses for why this year’s report is a quadrimester late, but no good …

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2012 Year-End Review

Steve 2012

Half-a-Life in 2012 For the fourth time in the last 30 years, I put all my (dwindling) household goods into storage not knowing when, where, or in what state (of mind and residence) I’d be removing them. The short straw in 2012 went to Grants, New Mexico, where since August I’ve been gainfully employed (for …

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An Introduction to Learning Management Systems

These two videos were created as a final project for two educational psychology courses. The first video is primarily a Powerpoint presentation that summarizes a lesson plan for a workshop titled, “An Introductory Workshop to Integrate an LMS into a Web-Enhanced, or Blended, Course.” The second video is a screencast recording demonstrating the WebCT/Blackboard platform …

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Plugins and Widgets and Themes, oh my!

Tips for Resisting the Urge to Overdo It This 9-minute presentation to the Albuquerque WordPress Meetup group in April 2012 covers some top-level information for beginners regarding WordPress themes, plugins, and widgets. Below the video I’ve posted the individual Powerpoint slides used in the presentation. The Powerpoint slides:

2011 Year-End Review

Black Mesa, San Ildefonso Pueblo

What to say about 2011? Things didn’t quite work out as I expected a year ago. I didn’t finish the novel I mentioned. But I did write nine pretty good chapters. I didn’t finish the Educational Psychology Masters degree last spring as I intended. But I’m only two courses short and unless something unforeseen occurs, …

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