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Mar 24, 2003 (#34)

  • Frying Spam “Honey, which channel is the war on?
  • Installing Democracy (Version 2.x)
  • Perspicuous Perspective Ensuring Everlasting Life (at least among the living)
  • General Semantics Miscellany
  • One Moyer Thing …

Dec 23, 2002 (#33)


Nov 19, 2002 (#32)

  • CLARIFICATION: The Role of “Rolls”
  • COLLOQUIUM REPORT: The Role of Roles (Dr. Albert Ellis and the Levinson’s)
  • PERSONAL UPDATE … Regarding those voting machine creatures
  • SELF-CONFESSIONAL: My Roll of Roles
  • COMPLETING THE HAND: A Roll of Rolls
  • SIGNIFICANT LOSSES – Allen Walker Read and Chris Sheldon

Oct 8, 2002 (#31)

  • Hemingway on Great Writers and Crap Detectors
  • Used Cars, Oklahoma Ocean-Front Property, and LASIK Eye Surgery
  • Dick Armey is not Pulling Your Leg-ey
  • A Word About General Semantics: EVALUATE
  • A Jew and a Palestinian Co-exist on a Non-Verbal Level
  • “Ya (don’t) Gotta Have Heart”
  • Mum’s NOT the Word
  • Signs Seen Along the Road
  • Quotes I Didn’t Make Up
  • Featured Links

Sep 4, 2002 (#30)

  • General Semantics in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • How Do You Use Language?
  • A Word about General Semantics: Limits
  • Charlotte Read’s NY Times Obituary: In Synch with Safire
  • News Bits
  • Some Dates and Etc.
  • Featured Links

Aug 5, 2002 (#29)

  • Announcing … The DFW Center for General Semantics Report from the Institute’s Seminar-Workshop at Alverno College
  • International Conference on General Semantics Planned (2003)
  • A Chance Encounter; A Media Opportunity
  • Charlotte Schuchardt Read, 1909 – 2002
  • A Word about General Semantics
  • News Bits

Jun 1, 2001 (#28)

  • RUE ‘DA RULES! ‘Reserved’ Seats – How to almost spoil Graduation
  • Jeffords’ Choice – What’s the big deal?
  • Hair Do Rules! – A consistent standard?
  • Father’s Day – BIG(amist) TIME – Doing time for the ‘crime’
  • Whites, Coloreds, and a Greyhound – Remembering the 1961 Freedom Riders
  • “Want fries with that? May I see your passport?” – Bad karma at McDonald’s
  • Afghan (non-verbal) Labels – “The Big Lie” revisited
  • Pick One, But Not Both [expletive deleted] – A compound (only) expletive
  • United Way Aids Gays – Applying consistent criteria
  • Rue ‘da Rules – Advocating fewer ‘rules’, more ‘exceptions’

April 24, 2001 (#27)

  • Cut the crap, choose the cheese … – Recommending Who Moved My Cheese?
  • Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elfs Agin) – How many different ‘selves’ do we have? How many do we allow?
  • Singing to the beat of a familiar drummer – A tale of a bloke who became much more than what he ‘was’
  • Lease terms – Learning how to measure things differently

March 25, 2001 (#26)

  • SEEING “IRONY”: Seeing – Chanticleer now sees the world through Vaseline-colored glasses
  • “Irony” – Real life example of a dictionary definition
  • Weather Observations – Can you watch the weather without being in the weather?

February 25, 2001 (#25)

  • Since this past week was “Grammy Week” (or, “Grammy Weak”, depending on your musical perspective), Chanticleer crows to the beat about music, relativity, and attitudes.
  • “Irony Rules” – Observations on the awards show
  • “Always … Patsy Cline” – Reviewing the Cowtown crowd
  • Eminem and Elton, Eminem and Frank – A bum rap? A Perspective

February 1, 2001 (#24)

  • Update on North Central Re-striping – A six-week job, nineteen weeks later
  • “Straight From the Heart” – “The Girl and the Match” gets circulated
  • What He Said – Tales from Singledom, regarding: Chocolat; What “DELETE” means; Close Encounters of the Rented Kind

January 1, 2001 (#23)

  • WHAT I’VE LEARNED – Chanticleer relates some lessons from 2000

November 8, 2000 (#22)

  • “TOO CLOSE TO CALL” – Post-election, pre-results observations
  • UPDATE: un nombre, Hombre? – The results of the political nom de plume transformation of Mr. (I mean, Señor Tomas Eduardo Wesson
  • ‘NSYNC, ‘NSCREAM! – Chanticleer confesses to an addiction, and to a ‘therapy’
  • (UNPUBLISHED) LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Chanticleer shares a much-too-long-to-be-published letter to the editor dealing with “Dancing on Graves”, Wagner in Israel, and “Holy Land”, “Holy Killing”, “Holy Cow”
  • AND FINALLY – “Economy Class Syndrome”
  • But You Thought

October 22, 2000 (#21)

  • Regarding various matters of discriminating, and non-discriminating, behavior Idiot, Idiot, Who’s the Idiot? – When not to call the police
  • What’s in an un nombre, Hombre? – Are voters really this dumb?
  • Cheerleader Update – the latest on administrative tyranny
  • More Rules, More Spirit? – learn sportsmanship from the LPGA
  • Ban ’em, Dano! – So much to object to, so little time: No Oz in Kansas: No “picnic” in New York; No potato in Connecticut; No t-shirt at Notre Dame
  • AND FINALLY – Two hilarious email notices this week
  • But You Thought

October 8, 2000 (#20)

  • Regarding “lines” … Restriping North Central Expressway – $134,000 of lines
  • Rah-rah, Sis-Boom Beer! – Two of the most affluent high schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area suffer consequences of suds
  • “Hugs” – One word, but two very different experiences observed at the Cedar Rapids airport
  • Rain! Finally! – But not so fast, Barometer Breath
  • … And Finally – More on “lines” …

August 27, 2000 (#19)

  • Chanticleer relates what he’s experienced and thought about during an unplanned ‘vacation’
  • Impressions from Israel – from
  • Jerusalem, Yad Vashem, and Gethsemane Seen and Heard – A collection of observations and comments
  • Condoms To Go – What you won’t hear in this store
  • AT&T – The customer service battle begins
  • And Finally – Comments following the Little League World Series … what does our language reflect, and what does it perpetuate?

June 18, 2000 (#18)

  • Chanticleer retreats from “protection” and sheepishly discusses lessons ‘learned’ …
  • Learning and Knowing is NOT Doing – Limping out of middle age
  • History, Geography … Whatever – How important is knowing the difference really?
  • You Say Verbatim, I Say Verboten – Is rote recitation right?
  • Disregarding What We Already Know – 60 years later, this quote is still spot-on Completing a Thought – Six months later, a scene makes sense Fading Away … – Must cultures and societies “shed to grow”?
  • And Finally – Following up on Internet child protection

June 5, 2000 (#17)

  • Chanticleer sticks his neck out to say a few words on the subject of “protection” …
  • Bird Brains – Humans looking out for birds
  • Protecting Libraries from Cyber-Porn – Are filters the answer?
  • Protecting Lockney from Drugs One parent stands alone for a principle and his son
  • Standardized Tests – The Texas TAAS tests answers questions … but are they the right questions?
  • Protecting European-Americans from “massive discrimination”
  • David Duke is at it again
  • And Finally – Dealing with the KKK on the symbol level in St. Louis

May 14, 2000 (#16)

  • Perspectives from a Parfait Sunset – An airborne sunset triggers some thoughts
  • Conversations with Stacy – Three conversations demonstrate some lessons worth learning from a father’s perspective while taxing a teenager’s patience
  • Quote: “He who rules our symbols rules us.” – Alfred Korzybski
  • Symbols and Meanings – All things “Confederate”

April 21, 2000 (15)

  • A Reminder: Who am I? What am I doing here? – the author explains Chanticleer and ThisIsNotThat
  • Time-binding: “Cooperating and Graduating” by another name – A short definition and explanation of Alfred Korzybski’s term time-binding, and what it implies
  • Maria’s Story – An example of time-binding, Maria shares her experience of finding a lump
  • Regularly-Scheduled Programming – A (perhaps) humorous real-life anecdote I could never make up
  • Slouching Towards the 20th Century
  • Slowly, we progress to allow dancing in Oklahoma and Wagner in Israel
  • And Finally – What a difference a Safire makes! – The after-effects of having your website mentioned by a nationally-syndicated columnist
  • But You Thought – Comments from readers and new visitors

April 6, 2000 (#14)

  • Crowing mentioned by NY Times columnist William Safire
  • Quote: “It is not disbelief that is dangerous to society, it is belief.” – George Bernard Shaw
  • How To Get There From Here? Re-examining beliefs about the morning commute
  • Gigabite Gullibility How easily people believe and act on what the read
  • Whatever Happened Was Meant To Happen Regarding the March 28th Fort Worth tornado
  • And Finally – A Special Tribute by, and for, Katy Beth on behalf of her sister Vikki

March 6, 2000 (#13)

  • “Everything?”
  • Regarding the Texas Rangers new marketing campaign
  • American Beauty – My comments on the Academy Award-nominated film, in response to a “Letter to the Editor”
  • A PROPAGANDA PRIMER, THANKS TO PAT ROBERTSON – Robertson’s “vicious bigot” attack on Warren Rudman deserves comment and reveals much about the man behind the ‘minister’
  • And Finally – Your In Analysis

February 17, 2000 (#12)

  • Grass on Campus High jinx returns
  • Confessions of Awareness, or Lack Thereof
  • Four examples of awareness/non-awareness: Cause/Effect (?) Oxymoron, Anyone? Reading Labels, Ignoring Labels
  • And Finally The Divine Right of King’s Name

February 2, 2000 (#11)

  • Groundhog Day and Other misLeading Indicators
  • Knock on Would, and Other Silli-stitions (How about dropping superstitions?)
  • The Ultimate “Oops, I didn’t mean to do that!” (Let’s be careful out there … with those email addresses.)
  • Rocker Update (Baseball punishes John Rocker)
  • More Words and Consequences (Kids say the darnedest threats)
  • And Finally (re-instituting But You Thought …)

January 21, 2000 (#10)

  • Bush League Words (My COMPLETE letter, a portion of which was printed in the Dallas Morning News)
  • Forbidden Words 2000 (Words condemned for further use, from a Matt Groenig cartoon)
  • Shrubbery Words
  • Quote regarding words (I say what I say. I do not say what I do not say. – Alfred Korzybski)
  • Rocker Words, ‘Racist’ Words? (On reactions to John Rocker’s remarks)
  • Ship Words (Seen at the Orlando airport)
  • And Finally (On The Cider House Rules)

January 1, 2000 (#9)

  • Quoting Barry Manilow, Scarlett O’Hara, and Roseanne Roseannadanna (My Y2K status)
  • Guides to Changing Your Life (Making mo’ better discriminations)
  • What’s Wrong with These Lyrics? (Is it the song, or the songwriter?)
  • Draft Dodger1967 = Draft Dodger1999? (Muhammad Ali as “Sportsman of the Century”)
  • “Absolutely!” Respect Me, or Else! (Forget a “Sir”, break a law)
  • And Finally (“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. What else?)

December 15, 1999 (#8)

  • Blame it on Rio, but not on Y2K (Mistakes happen, even without Y2K)
  • Surgeon General on ‘Mental’ Health (1 in 5 Americans have illness; some comments and a rant on Santa Claus)
  • Let’s Talk About Sex: “Don’t!” (Compares sex education in the States vs. France)
  • Master of Whose Domain? (Preventing hate by hoarding domain names?)
  • Stacy’s Poem And Finally (“ART”)
  • But You Thought …

December 1, 1999 (#7)

  • “Dogma” (Comments on reaction to the movie, and the movie)
  • Georgia Baptists (On expelling gay congregations)
  • Other Baptists (On the role of women)
  • Taliban Justice
  • Evolution, Creationism and Prayer
  • And Finally (On the belief of beliefs)
  • But You Thought … (25 Heloise-like tips)

November 15, 1999 (#6)

  • Thankstaking (10 steps to appreciating yourself in preparing to thank others)
  • And Finally (“Bleepers” in the meet market)
  • But You Thought …

November 1, 1999 (#5)

  • Mindfulness (“Where’s my toast?”;
  • Ellen Langer’s “Mindfulness”;
  • “Knock on wood”)
  • Coming to Age (An updated map of 80)
  • And Finally (No stir on “Hope” … but “Lactose Happens”)
  • But You Thought …

October 15, 1999 (#4)

  • Apology (Dupes the word)
  • Classifications (Roger’s homework, “team” vs. “group”; organizing CDs – the classification doesn’t change the music; “liberals” and “conservatives” – the classification doesn’t change the ‘music’)
  • Huh??? (Scratching the surface; Route 404; conphronting fonics)
  • And Finally (“Hope” happens) But You Thought …

October 1, 1999 (#3)

  • “Let’s Get Conditional!” Pavlov and conditioned responses
  • Wedgewood Baptist Church shootings
  • Smokers or Junior ROTC – you make the call
  • And Finally (“Watch Me!” revisited, and personalized)
  • But You Thought …

September 15, 1999 (#2)

  • Signs on the Road
  • An Experiment (3 buckets of water, relativeness of temperature)
  • “Watch Me!”
  • Quote
  • In The News (rising ‘stress’ levels in London; “Ragtime” and the ‘N’ word; Mesa Jr. High and “Tom Sawyer” – NOT)
  • And Finally (Friends bring something to the party …)
  • But You Thought …

September 1, 1999 (#1)

  • “What is This About, and Why Have I Received This Email?”
  • This Is Not That Anecdote (Regarding painting, spots, re-painting, more spots, etc.)
  • Observation (Braum’s ice cream store)
  • In The News (Bill Bradley quote; Katy ISD prayer in school; Irving Youth Action Center; Irving ISD surveillance cameras)
  • And Finally (Lexus radio commercial)