Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology

I completed the Master of Arts (MA) program in Educational Psychology at the University of New Mexico as an Outstanding Graduate in 2012.

From the catalog: The program is designed to give students a broad and critical perspective on the psychological factors affecting individuals in schools, other educational settings, and other learning situations throughout the life span. The program also emphasizes critical evaluation and application of research and theory based on a firm grounding in measurement, assessment, research methodology and quantitative methods.

The program provides:

  • a broad base of knowledge including theoretical perspectives from various fields of Psychology;
  • a strong research orientation and a solid understanding of and ability to use a variety of research methodologies; and
  • a research-based curriculum covering basic concepts and theories in psychology as related to learning and instruction, including cognition, human development, learning, motivation, measurement,assessment, evaluation, and applications to education policy and practice;
  • a rigorous training sequence in educational statistics and research methodologies that will allow graduates to evaluate and conduct educational research in a variety of contexts.

Required Courses

Principles of Human Development
Principles of Classroom Learning
Conducting Quantitative Educational Research
Introduction to Educational & Psychological Measurement
Introductory Educational Statistics

Elective Courses

Program Evaluation
Survey of Statistics in Education
Philosophy of Education
Conducting Qualitative Educational Research
Biological Basis of Behavior
College Teaching Seminar: Online Education

Papers and Presentations


Chasing the Golden Unicorn: A Critique of Objectivist Educational Research

From the “Approved Solution” to a Dynamic Mosaic: Personal Reflections on the Accelerating Evolution of Education

An Introduction to Learning Management Systems (video)

How to Create a Narrated Powerpoint (video)


Implications of Neuroscience for Education (paper and video presentation opens in new tab)

Evaluation of the Strong Interest Inventory


A Proposal to Evaluate the Graduate Student Writing Studio (Program Evaluation project)

Racial Color-Blindness and Context-Blindness (Quantitative Research Prospectus)

Muraling Myths: A Qualitative Research Prospectus

What Would bell hooks Do? (Regarding the Kenneth Adams murals in the Zimmerman Library, University of New Mexico)

Changing Thinking (Reaction to Ivan Illich’s Deschooling Society)

Problem-Posing vs. Problem-Solving (Comments on Paolo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed)

On Conformity: Emerson and Thoreau Respond to Mann? (Comments prompted by Horace Mann’s On the Art of Teaching)

Educational Psychology Program Application Letter