2000 Year-end Review

Jerusalem at the Wailing Wall

Year-End Review, 2000 Edition Preface: As a general rule, I suspect we tend to underestimate the duration of our major life transitions. Whether it’s learning to write in cursive, graduation, marriage, divorce, changing careers, children learning to drive … these periods of getting used to some major change in our lives seems to take longer …

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1999 Year-end Review


Year-End Review, 1999 Edition Greetings, all. I ended my 1998 with these words, anticipating that the major ‘pieces’ of my future 1999 ‘puzzle’ were to include a job transition and Stacy’s turning 16: “Even though I ‘know’ what some of these ‘pieces’ will consist of, I haven’t a clue as to their size, shape, timing, …

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1998 Year-end Review

Stacy at the Ballpark

Welcome, friends and family! As the photo suggests, the past year provided moi with juggling opportunities galore: o buying and remodeling my house (the keys) o the twists and turns of a still up-in-the-air job situation (the badge) o everything else (handful of ticket stubs) And, of course, Stacy had her own priorities: 1) Hanson, 2) everything else. The House …

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1997 Year-end Review

Stacy in Crested Butte

Thanks for opening this edition of my annual year-end review. For me, the year past proved a trifle sporting, as they might say in an old country. Sporting indeed! Looking back to this time a year ago, at the ‘dots’ which comprised the significant aspects of my life, I scarcely could have imagined the unanticipated …

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1996 Year-end Review

January 1, 1997 My year-end letter this year begins with a few words regarding my mother, Jo Stockdale, who died December 27, 1996,  after succumbing to the devastating effects of scleroderma. She was registered with the Living Bank and donated her body to the University of North Texas Health Science Center. Since we didn’t have …

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1995 Year-end Review

Disney World

23 December 1995 Happy Holidays and End of Year Greetings! A few years ago I started doing this “End of Year” letter thing because I procrastinated so long  that  Christmas cards weren’t appropriate. As I’ve pulled this one together, I realized that this is for me as much as you, because it serves to remind …

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