Brochures, Collateral

While Executive Director for the Institute of General Semantics (2004-2007), I was responsible for creating the following brochures, marketing, and promotional materials: General Information Brochure, Trade Show Booth Graphic, Capital Campaign Brochure, Conference Announcement, a promotional Bookmark, and my farewell video.

General Information Brochure about the Institute

Download the PDF

Brochure 1st fold

Brochure Inside

Trade Show Booth Graphic

This graphic was used for the 10-ft wide, 7-ft tall mylar backdrop display used in booths at trade shows and conferences.

Trade Show Booth

Capital Campaign Brochure

Download the PDF

Capital Campaign Cover

International Conference Announcement

Download the 3-page PDF for the 2006 “Making Sense” international conference announcement.

Making Sense Conference

Bookmark with Quotations


“Work to Do” Farewell Video

As of 14 Nov 2020, this video is temporarily unavailable due to webhost migration. Please check back soon.