2012 Year-End Review

Half-a-Life in 2012 For the fourth time in the last 30 years, I put all my (dwindling) household goods into storage not knowing when, where, or in what state (of mind and residence) I’d be removing them. The short straw in 2012 went to Grants, New Mexico, where since August I’ve been gainfully employed (for … Read more

A Crop of Enlightened Perspectives

from David Fairchild’s Memoirs, The World Was My Garden (1938) [on his own home garden]  “I was appalled by my abysmal ignorance of practical agriculture when I started to create my own home. I soon discovered that through all my years of association with professors of horticulture, agricultural colleges, and experiment stations, I had developed a … Read more

Here's Something About General Semantics

A Primer for Making Sense of Your World, by Steve Stockdale Available in eBook format (PDF) for immediate FREE download. FREE! ISBN 978-0-9824645-0-2; 290 pages. Accessible, well-written introduction to GS principles, plus more! Written from 13 years teaching experience. Filled with examples, demonstrations, and explanations; over 50 illustrations. Includes articles from the GS journal (ETC) … Read more

Passages for Uncertain Career Journeys

My friend and former career adviser Helen Harkness was asked to edit a special edition of a journal for career development professional in 2010. She invited me to submit an article/essay, which was accepted. The theme of the special edition was Mid Life Career Crisis: How chaos theory and positive psychology can help. The edition … Read more

National Workshop on General Semantics

Reprinted with permission from: Centre for Contemporary Theory, Vadodara, Gujarat, India            Twelfth National Workshop Cognitive Language Skills for the 21st Century 3rd – 5th November 2007 A Report One of the dominant concerns of contemporary social and political theory and one which has engaged if not captured the attention of theorizing … Read more