A Crop of Enlightened Perspectives

from David Fairchild’s Memoirs, The World Was My Garden (1938) [on his own home garden]  “I was appalled by my abysmal ignorance of practical agriculture when I started to create my own home. I soon discovered that through all my years of association with professors of horticulture, agricultural colleges, and experiment stations, I had developed a … Read more

Here's Something About General Semantics

A Primer for Making Sense of Your World, by Steve Stockdale Available in eBook format (PDF) for immediate FREE download. FREE! ISBN 978-0-9824645-0-2; 290 pages. Accessible, well-written introduction to GS principles, plus more! Written from 13 years teaching experience. Filled with examples, demonstrations, and explanations; over 50 illustrations. Includes articles from the GS journal (ETC) … Read more

Passages for Uncertain Career Journeys

My friend and former career adviser Helen Harkness was asked to edit a special edition of a journal for career development professional in 2010. She invited me to submit an article/essay, which was accepted. The theme of the special edition was Mid Life Career Crisis: How chaos theory and positive psychology can help. The edition … Read more

National Workshop on General Semantics

Reprinted with permission from: Centre for Contemporary Theory, Vadodara, Gujarat, India            Twelfth National Workshop Cognitive Language Skills for the 21st Century 3rd – 5th November 2007 A Report One of the dominant concerns of contemporary social and political theory and one which has engaged if not captured the attention of theorizing … Read more

Brimming with knowledge

From the July 18, 2003 print edition of the Dallas Business Journal Mike Whiteley Tarrant/Denton editor When 16-year-old honors student Taylor Hess got expelled for carrying a bread knife onto the campus of L.D. Bell High School in the bed of his pickup, school officials drew more than the ire of stunned students and parents … Read more

Why must a federal case be made out of using bad words?

November 10, 2008 Special to the Star-Telegram   This is like one of those cartoon caption contests. You know, like there’s this completely frazzled fish lying on a psychiatrist’s couch, distraught eyes fixed to the ceiling. And the super-serious but disinterested shrink sits across the room, pretending to listen . . . as he reads … Read more