2010 Year-end Review

Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

Three weeks ago, I became the object of a discovery that resulted from a misunderstanding. (Sort of like America, but on a slightly smaller scale.) The consequences of this misunderstanding will play out over the course of 2011, but since it currently occupies a position of prominence in my prefrontal cortex, I thought I’d go …

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2009 Year-end Review

Phoenix, 4 of Us

January 1, 2010 And then suddenly … 16 years have passed. I started these year-end reviews in 1994. Since 2001, I’ve adopted metaphors that seemed relevant to commemorate the preceding year, such as: “Crossing Rivers” (2001); “From Turning to Turned” (2002 and 2003); “Balance Sheet” (2004); “Living Patiently Frustrated” (2005 … okay, that was literal, …

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2008 Year-end Review

2008 Obama Rally

Email to Friends and Family (February 5, 2009) Subject: Yes, I know the way to Santa Fe Once again, my preceding year didn’t really end in conjunction with the calendar. In this case, 2008 concluded, and my 2009 started, on Groundhog Day when I left Phoenix for Santa Fe. I’ll be here at least through …

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2006 Year-end Review

Stacy, Grand Canyon

Email to Friends and Family (January 1, 2007) Subject: Last Year (2006) Following the laws of evolution, today marks a milestone in the natural progression from: Primitive Christmas Card … to Neanderthal Year-End Letters … to So-’90s Webpages to … Personal Vanity Movies (PVMs)! That’s right, my annual year-end review goes digital and audial (?) …

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2004 Year-end Review

Las Vegas

My 2004 “Balance Sheet” January 9, 2005 Three of the things I learned in 2004: Good things come to those who don’t wait for good things to happen. Persistence doesn’t necessarily “reward,” but it usually “allows.” The bank closes at the same time, regardless of whether you’re making a deposit or withdrawal. I turned 50 …

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2003 Year-end Review

Milwaukee Press Box

From “Turning” to “Turned” January 1, 2004 Two years ago I used the metaphor of “crossing rivers” as a theme for relating the events of my life during 2001. That year was all about change. I mentioned the story about the frustrated little girl, her pennies, and a turned piggy bank. I included the quote …

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2002 Year-end Review

2002 Move Completed

My 2002 in Review: “Turning” January 1, 2004 (only a year late) Two years ago I used the metaphor of “crossing rivers” as a theme for relating the events of my life during 2001. That year was all about change. I mentioned the story about the frustrated little girl, her pennies, and a turned piggy …

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2001 Year-end Review

Texas Bandmasters Hall of Fame

My 2001: A Year of ‘Crossing Rivers’ January 9, 2002 Since beginning these “Year-End Reviews” in lieu of Christmas cards several years ago, I have, with one exception, completed them by the end of the calendar year. For 2001, I’ve deliberately delayed writing this in anticipation of some big news. By waiting a week, I …

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2000 Year-end Review

Jerusalem at the Wailing Wall

Year-End Review, 2000 Edition Preface: As a general rule, I suspect we tend to underestimate the duration of our major life transitions. Whether it’s learning to write in cursive, graduation, marriage, divorce, changing careers, children learning to drive … these periods of getting used to some major change in our lives seems to take longer …

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1999 Year-end Review


Year-End Review, 1999 Edition Greetings, all. I ended my 1998 with these words, anticipating that the major ‘pieces’ of my future 1999 ‘puzzle’ were to include a job transition and Stacy’s turning 16: “Even though I ‘know’ what some of these ‘pieces’ will consist of, I haven’t a clue as to their size, shape, timing, …

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1998 Year-end Review

Stacy at the Ballpark

Welcome, friends and family! As the photo suggests, the past year provided moi with juggling opportunities galore: o buying and remodeling my house (the keys) o the twists and turns of a still up-in-the-air job situation (the badge) o everything else (handful of ticket stubs) And, of course, Stacy had her own priorities: 1) Hanson, 2) everything else. The House …

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1997 Year-end Review

Stacy in Crested Butte

Thanks for opening this edition of my annual year-end review. For me, the year past proved a trifle sporting, as they might say in an old country. Sporting indeed! Looking back to this time a year ago, at the ‘dots’ which comprised the significant aspects of my life, I scarcely could have imagined the unanticipated …

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