The Leader

(Commemorating the departure of Larry S. from the JAVELIN Joint Venture)
September 1994

Into another chaotic mess I come
Once your self-managed follies are done.
When reality finally boxes your ears
And your voices cry out, “We need you here!”I pack my saddle and mount my steed
Again to ride ahead those in need.
For if Failure beckons, and you fear you heed Her,
Call on me – I BE THE LEADER!

Call on me when victory’s in doubt
And mere mortals see no sensible out,
I’ll make a decision, the issue I’ll force,
Just simply do whatever I say, of course!

For I’m not paid to sit and ponder
Or lazily ’round the decision tree wander.
My game be ACTION, my pace be QUICK
So follow me! Else, your ass I’ll kick!

Now, my job here is completely finished.
I leave with “Hosanna!”s, my image unblemished.
When our history’s written, and you be the reader,
You’ll think of me, for I BE THE LEADER!

With one final thought for you I now leave
On Javelin, Life, to whatever you cleave …
Shut up in the back! So everyone hears
I’ll say this just once, then get back to my beers.

When troubles catch up, despite your best run
When the job is so tough, it just can’t be done,
When you’re ready to quit, you can’t take more abuse ….
Don’t call on me! The watch is now Stu’s.