The AAWSome Rap

W/E 30 November 1990

In the middle of this hustle-ing, bustle-ing crap
It occurred to me, “We need an AAWSome  rap!”
So listen to me now and hear me later
As I tell you about my weekly escapers.
Say “Rap!” uh-uh-uh-uh, say “AAWSome Rap!”

Now first we had a kickoff for a Bottoms-Up you see,
Butt it’s not what you think –  it’s for a new LRE!
A new LRE, uh!
A new LRE, uh!
A new LRE for the uh-uh-uh JV.

We gonna toil, we gonna sweat, we gonna tell ’em what it takes
Then we gonna hear ’em say, “You’ve gotta give us a break!”
“We ain’t made o’ money
“And we ain’t made o’ gold,
“You gotta figure out a way
“To just do what you’re told!
“Do what you’re told.”
The uh-uh-uh JV says, “Do what you’re told!”

Then we had to make some viewgraphs for the uh-uh-uh JVs
To explain about our usual variancees.
No matter how we slice it, it doesn’t look too good
And it don’t smell no better than we knew it would.
But we held nose and got the CPR signed
Just in time to get a call that just blew my mind!
Blew my mind!

Now this part gets tricky, if you’ll pardon the expression,
If I say too much about it, I’ll have a woodshed session.
But suffice it to say in it’s condensed milk version,
We had a change of heart about the FPAM cost transfer-shen.

Instead of the account we was gonna use for holding,
The big boys got together, said, “No way, we’s only joking!”
With winter comin’ on, like a bear storing his honey
They said, “Forget about procedures! Gotta have that money!”
“Winter’s coming on and we need that money.”

So that’s about it for this week, UC,
And the end of this rap, I hear you say, “Praise Be!”
But before we go away to fight another day
Let me tell you ’bout the battles and the frays on the way.


We gotta write a Monthly for that uh-uh-uh JV
So they’ll know what’s goin’ down – Say What? Can’t they see?!
We’re gonna get our actuals and see what we spent
For the month of November. (It’ll be a pretty cent.)
Be a pretty cent.

We gonna give it up on video, with the JV
Gonna let some lucky CAMs talk about their LRE.
L – R – E
L – R – E
Gonna let some lucky CAMs talk about their LRE.

One last thing we have to do, tho’ it’s above my level
Is to finalize this FPA cost she-devil.
We gotta get it settled, gotta end this mess
And get on with the getting’ on and do our best.

Now this time I’m really finished, gonna quit for good
And end this rap like you wished I would.
It’s been a little different, but man it wasn’t easy,
So all that’s left to say is just, “Let’s get busy!”

And do the AAWSome Rap … the AAWSome Rap ….