Firstenberg refuses psychological testing

On August 30, Judge Sarah M. Singleton smacked down Santa Fe’s Pied Piper for the Electromagnetic Paranoid, Arthur Firstenberg, in an Order Imposing Discovery Sanctions.

The judge’s findings reflect a pretty clear frustration with Firstenberg’s refusal to comly with mandated psychological testing to determine if his alleged physical reactions to electromagnetic radiation in the form of his neighbor’s iPhone calls are psychologically-induced rather than physiological (bold my emphasis):



1. The Court disallows testimony at trial about any testing of Plaintiff for symptoms associated with EMF exposure, including intentional, accidental or anecdotal testing or reporting of symptoms determined afterward to be the result of exposure.

2. The Court makes a finding that Plaintiff cannot discern or discriminate the effects of anxiety caused by a testing situation or of the presence of electromagnetic stimulus.

3. The Court makes a finding that Plaintiff cannot reliably detect the presence or absence of electromagnetic stimulus.


I’m no attorney, but as I read this, Judge Singleton has, with respect to Firstenberg’s claims of electromagnetic sensitivity, ordered him to shut up based on his refusal to put up.

Here’s the full Order.

Download (PDF, 192KB)