Bill Moyers interview with FCC Commissioner Michael Copps

From his April 23, 2010 interview with long-time FCC Commissioner Michael Copps regarding net neutrality, this 14:30 excerpt covers:

  • The history of the FCC’s dispute with Comcast over Comcasts’s discriminatory practices in how it manipulated (limited) download speeds for certain customers, Comcast’s lawsuit against the FCC, and the recent appeals court decision in Comcast’s favor.
  • How the FCC under the Bush administration acquiesced to the cable and telephone industry lobbies in 2002 to redefine the delivery of Internet service (broadband) as an “information service” rather than “telecommunication service,” thereby limiting the FCC’s ability to issue rules and regulations governing it.
  • Why it’s important to not allow corporations to function as gatekeepers to the Internet and give them the capability of controlling, manipulating, and exercising prejudicial preferences in terms of content, download/upload speeds, etc.
  • Why it’s in the public interest for the FCC to have the authority to ensure that corporations do not abuse their near-monopolies of Internet access.
  • The historical role of the federal government on behalf of the general public to facilitate the development of critical national infrastructure for commerce and public use – roads, canals, railroads, the highway system, electrical grid and public utilities, and now the Internet infrastructure.

The full interview is at: