Another fall for Firstenberg

The New Mexico state court of appeals has ruled against Arthur Firstenberg’s ongoing electromagnetic legal crusade against his neighbor, Raphaela Monribot.

Read the Santa Fe Reporter article.

Read science writer George Johnson’s takedown in the NY Times: When Science is Lost in a Legal Maze. The lede:

In a saner world, where science and the law meshed more precisely, a case like Firstenberg v. Monribot would have been dead on arrival in court. But that is not what happened.

Earlier this month, five years after the lawsuit was filed, the New Mexico Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s ruling that Arthur Firstenberg, an outspoken opponent of wireless technology, could not seek $1.43 million in damages from his neighbor, Raphaela Monribot, for damaging his health by using her iPhone and a Wi-Fi connection

Download the court’s opinion.

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  1. The Firstenberg decision was not predicated on science, but rather technical issues regarding the admission of expert testimony. To construe it as a judgement on any medical or scientific question is erroneous.

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