2006 Year-end Review

Email to Friends and Family (January 1, 2007)

Subject: Last Year (2006)

Following the laws of evolution, today marks a milestone in the natural progression from:

Primitive Christmas Card … to Neanderthal Year-End Letters … to So-’90s Webpages to …

Personal Vanity Movies (PVMs)!

That’s right, my annual year-end review goes digital and audial (?) this year. Don’t try this without a broadband Internet connection, but as long as you have a (flash)media player you can view my “Last Year (2006)” inaugural film.

It’s a little over 5 minutes long, which doesn’t hardly do justice to a whole year … but I tried. These links as well as links to the previous lame-ass HTML year-end reviews are on my home page.


Best to all for 2007,



Fall 06 Semester Summary Videos

Classes scheduled for the final day of the Fall 2006 semester at TCU were canceled due to weather. My General Semantics for Mass Communications class was affected. Since I had planned to give a summary review of major points that would be on the final exam, I recorded a total of 40 minutes worth of video, incorporated some Powerpoint slides, and posted the result online so that students could access it prior to the final exam.

Video 1 of 3


Video 2 of 3


Video 3 of 3