20 Most Extreme Declarations by Arthur Firstenberg

A Top 20 List of the Most Extreme Declarations by Arthur Firstenberg regarding electromagnetic radiation, microwave radiation, etc., and the effects upon the “electrically-sensitive”:

20.  “current plans to convert even wireline signals to digital modulation, and to send high frequency waves over telephone wires will have the unintended result of rendering all telephones in the United States inaccessible to electrically-sensitive people, thereby cutting them off from society altogether and grossly violating their constitutional rights.” 1998

19.  “Unlike victims of hurricanes and earthquakes, we are not the subject of any relief efforts. No one is donating money to help us, to buy us a protected refuge; no one is volunteering to forego their cell phones, their wireless computers and their cordless phones so that we can once more be their neighbors and live among them.” 2006

18.  “one million Americans – have left their jobs because of electromagnetic pollution in the workplace. The people who have left their homes for such a reason are not being counted by anyone. Too many intelligent, professional, useful people are wandering this country’s barren deserts, homeless, ostracized, robbed of their civil rights, with no place to land. Too many have committed suicide because they have lost all hope, have suffered too long, have had to pick up roots and flee for their lives once too often.” 2004

17.  “However, our society should provide computer-free classrooms for those vulnerable children for whom this is a necessary and effective accommodation.” 2002

16.  “I cannot support a system of communication which requires all participants to be irradiated at their terminals (by their computer screens) and which is inundating the radio airwaves with massive amounts of transmitted data. I also cannot support the erasing of this earth’s physical boundaries and the destruction of the ecosystems which must follow.” 2000

15.  “The Taskforce requests that no technology used to provide services, or by manufacturers to make equipment, for the purpose of accommodating one type of disability, should be permitted if it thereby discriminates against another type of disability. For example, the use of infrared or microwave technology in assistive listening systems or devices for the hearing impaired in public places thereby discriminates against electrically sensitive people who may happen to be using those same public places or public facilities.” 1998

14.  “electrically sensitive people, for example, specifically require equipment that does not contain any computer chips or have any digital display.” 1998

13.  “the blanket of radiation in which wireless technology envelops us is responsible for the spectacular increase in many diseases in the last decade.” 2007

12.  “the disease has spread like a plague into the general population. Estimates of its prevalence range up to one-third of the population.” 2006

11.  “Since digital cellular phones (and towers) came to the United States in November 1996, the symptoms of radio wave sickness have become epidemic in all major cities and near most wireless facilities.” 2001

10.  “There is ample scientific evidence available now that the widespread epidemic of insomnia, eye problems, and neurological and cardiac symptoms in the coverage areas of the new personal communications services (PCS) systems is due to the microwave radiation now blanketing such areas.” 1997

9.  “radiation comes down from satellites, too; they are part of the problem, not the solution.” 2006

8.  “As far as cell phones themselves are concerned, if you put one up to your head you are damaging your brain in a number of different ways. First, think of a microwave oven. A cell phone, like a microwave oven and unlike a hot shower, heats you from the inside out, not from the outside in. Two minutes on a cell phone disrupts the blood-brain barrier, two hours on a cell phone causes permanent brain damage, and secondhand radiation may be almost as bad.”The blood-brain barrier is the same in a rat and a human being.” 2006

7.  “There is simply no way to make wireless technology safe.” 2006

6.  “contrails have been making cloudy days out of sunny ones for decades.” 2002

5.  “This amounts to an electromagnetic war on life.” 1997

4.  “it has been shown that, just as for X-rays, there is no safe level of exposure to microwave radiation.” 2004

3.  “There is no greater threat to our common future.” 1997

2.  “has the potential of causing worldwide catastrophe.” 1997

1.  “There is no safe distance from a cell tower.” 2006

And Honorable Mention for Statements to Remember:

  • Still, if the city allows widespread installation of Wi-Fi antennae, “I’ll leave,” Firstenberg says. 2007
  • Why did he tell people DTV (digital television) might cause their illnesses? “I made a leap,” Firstenberg says. “I don’t have enough facts to back up what I’m saying.” 2009